Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum/maximum amounts you accept?
We want to promote proper recycling so we accept all amounts of material. Typically for steel products, we pay in volumes over 1 metric ton, however loads can be assessed on an individual basis. We do have a free drop off bin for metal under 1 metric ton.

How do I get paid for the scrap I bring in?
We generally pay cash for items delivered in, although payment by cheque can also be arranged. You simply get your material weighed, bring your scale ticket to the office, and you will get paid out.

What are your hours?
ProMetal is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Saturdays may be arranged by appointment only. Please call Bryan at 1-403-357-4415 to discuss.

How much do you pay for scrap metal?
Depends on many factors such as weight, grade of metal, and current prices. As metal is a commodity dictated by current market trends, it is always best to call us for the most current pricing.

Do you charge to provide a roll-off bin?
The cost of the bin is factored into the price of the metal. However, in order to return value to you, there must be enough weight to justify handling the material in this manner.

What types of metal do you accept?
All types! For some examples, please see our list of acceptable materials.

Is there an easy way for me to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals?
As a rule of thumb, ferrous metals are magnetic and will therefore be attracted to a handheld magnet. Non-ferrous metals are generally non-magnetic.

Will I get more for my metals if I separate them myself?
Yes, any time metal has to be sorted, graded or processed to remove contaminants by us,  its value will be reduced. Prepared metal pieces under 2’x3’ and over a 1/4" thick will have more value and be paid at a higher rate than oversize pieces. Please have all wire rolled up neatly and in a separate pile.

Do you have a pick-up service?
Yes, but only for certain quantities. Best thing to do is to call us and ask! If we can't pick it up for you, we will get you in contact with a dealer that will pick up smaller amounts of material.

Do you accept car batteries?

Can I bring in a refrigerator?
Yes, but it must be drained of freon.

Can I bring in an old car?
Yes, no need to remove tires or fluids, ... we will take it as is. 


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