Buying & Selling Your Metal Products

Based in Lacombe, AB ProMetal Management Inc. works with contractors, companies, and any individual who is looking to recycle scrap metal in Central Alberta. This includes all ferrous products such as: iron, steel, vehicles, farm implements, demolition scrap, fabrication scrap, rig equipment, appliances, casings, pipes, radiators, catalytic converters, oil and gas plant equipment, and general scrap.

We also buy non-ferrous items such as copper, brass, tire rims, aluminum, and batteries.


For your convenience, we offer bin and container services*, as well as cleanup and collection services for work sites and special projects. Please contact us today to learn more.

*Some restrictions may apply.

Click here for our list of Accepted Materials

Material For Sale

We sell new and used Materials

Visit our location to view our stock of:

  • Pipe
  • Plate
  • Angle Iron
  • Beam
  • Tubing


ProMetal Management offers a large selection of new and used material at or below retail prices. Call us today for more information.